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I didn't spend nine years in Evil Computing School to be called 'mister', thank you very much.

So I actually forgot to ever actually post anything about finally ever handing over the books and forms and such and escaping the University for hopefully the penultimate time. That's done. I have a letter from the Student Services Officer informing me that the School Board is reccommending to the Senate of the University that I actually be awarded the doctorate and everything.

Maybe eventually I'll snap out of the death march mentality, stop waiting in dread for the other shoe to drop, and be a useful and productive member of society!

Or not.

Regardless, since I noticed the central University upload of my thesis ignored all the supplementary matter on the CD that the examiners wanted, this has been this evening's productive endeavour:

...along with putting up a better version on the departmental repository that does actually have all the supplementary kipple. (In true computing choose-your-brokenness style, the raw videos don't have any closed captioning because i) I didn't do it at the time ii) didn't have the time to work out how, if at all, you can/would embed them in a way that something might ever use them iii) didn't/wouldn't expect that to work anyway without a week of frustration; while the YouTube videos are at reduced quality. But also don't require you to have VLC installed which is probably their biggest advantage.)

As for the slow demise of LiveJournal and my use of it, if you're bookmark-inclined and still think I'm interesting for some inexplicable reason, you can switch to For now it'll bounce you back here, but it has the advantage of letting me change that later.

...I'm sure previewing posts didn't used to require JavaScript. And didn't used to spew error traces from crashed styles. And if you can't comment then, uh, sorry, but it seems "comments from friends only" might be broken but is at least keeping the Russian spam out of my inbox.

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